Saturday, September 10, 2011

Helloooo Norman.

We are crazy people. We got a puppy! He's precious and full of life and will be nibbling your toes one minute, tearing through the house with a toy the next, and will finally collapse in your lap and snuggle. The snuggling also includes some snoring, but it's mostly cute.

We picked him up in Norman, Oklahoma. Hence his name. My mom and grandma watched him for about a week before we got there and I think they thought he was their new grandson (despite the fact that a very human grandson is growing inside me for them to spoil with love). He had a vast array of toys already from his gma and had gotten tons of snuggle time in with them. He was probably traumatized when his new parents made him ride a plane/sit in an airport for 6 hours (layovers suck) after having a big house and a puppy friend to play with for a week.

Now that we're here in Cali he's very much at home with us. We have wanted a dog since we got married but couldn't have one anywhere we lived. So we decided Norm would be Tim's bday present, and our Christmas present to each other. It's been really funwatching him figure out what things stairs, or the shower, or my yoga ball. He put his paws up on it this morning and walked around the living room for a bit like a circus dog. Now if only I could teach him to fetch the mail and pay the bills and fold the laundry....
Here we are on a walk to the bank. He still has some shots to get before he's okay to roam free on a leash in the we made use of the baby bjorn. He actually loved it. Except when there were other puppies he wanted to go sniff... :)

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