Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bixby Knolls

So we moved...again...for the last time (we said that last time) until we buy a house!! :)

It was a daunting move because I am, of course, pregnant and couldn't do much heavy lifting and Tim works on the weekends, which is when most of our friends can help, PLUS he has 2 hernias and can't lift much either. So we sent a desperate plea to our friends and were overwhelmed with their love and self-lessness. At one point I ran to get pizza for dinner for everyone and by the time I came home boxes were being UNpacked in every room...and these people only signed up move stuff from one place to the next! We have such amazing friends.

We absolutely love our new neighborhood. We're 2 blocks from Trader Joes, and 4 blocks through the neighborhood to an awesome park with jungle gyms (in oklahoma we call these "big toys", which I never realized was so un-clever until I was made fun of in CA) tennis courts, basketball courts, wide open space, a fenced in dog park, and a duck pond. We can't wait to put squeejay in the stroller and spend time there as a family of 4! Yes I said 4. We'll also have a cute little canine in tow in just a few days! We're also a 15 min walk to our church and live next to some beautiful homes in Bixby walks are fun as we compare favorites and admire beautiful places and gardens.

Here's Tim on our maiden voyage to TJ's for groceries with our granny cart! (soap box moment, I think this this new 10 cents a bag thing rules because people should have been bringing their own bags long ago, BUT I think the 10 cents should go to a non-profit for the environment or community...not back to the stores...they were profitable businesses before the ban on plastic bags and paid for those bags all by themselves...but alas, the rich corporations get richer...k, I'm done.) The last picture is from TJs parking lot and I was dying laughing.

So at my sister and mom's request, here are some photos of the new place...nothing much on the walls yet and squeejay's room is sort of the "where does this go?" room, but we're on our way.

View of the house (it's so easy to call this place a house! it's a building with 4 units, but it's so much more of a home than any of our last we call it our house. :))

Living room shots

Tim's office is the desk + the closet next to the desk. The closet is (almost) entirely his for his business stuff which is a treat for him to feel organized and have his own space. (don't judge blurry pics pls)

My daddy's artwork we found up in my parents' attic last year. How did these treasures go hidden so long!?

Our Bedroom. Planning on ditching the verticle blinds for some nice curtains once the year-long+ search for a duvet I like is successful. So picky I am...

Baby's room! Our friends, Ben and Kim, blessed us so beyond belief with ALL the stuff in the pack and play, and the pack and play itself, and all the books on the shelf, AND more that we just couldn't fit in our car in one trip. We feel so fortunate to have them in our lives. They've given our kid a great start already!

Teensy bathroom!

Dining room with flowers from the lovely Prouty family.

Kitchen. We LOVE the kitchen. I'm pretty sure the previous tenants must have trashed the place because if you haven't noticed yet, with the exception of the bathroom, it's all pretty new. New carpet, new tile, new sink, new stove, new fridge, new granite counter nice.

The "Bar" corner of the dining room.

The AWESOMELY huge backyard! Well, for CA this is big. And we've already hosted some fun times back here with our array of lawn games. Can't wait to host the next bday, shower, BBQ back here. It's such a great space. Our land lady's a gem too and said we can put a garden anywhere we'd like, just as long as we share. :) Hoping to get that underway sometime soon along with a good compost system.

That's it! I'll definitely update as the baby's room gets underway, but here's a sneak peak at some swatches I've been eyeing...

Love, Chelle


Alicia, Gabby, Isaiah, & Elijah said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you two u have been blessed extremly with a beautiful place and a little guy to come soon (can't wait to meet him). You both deserve all the blessings bestowed upon you, I'd never met such genuinely nice, caring, loving, warm hearted, accepting people til we met the both of you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and for being a part of Elijahs life. Love you guys......alicia, gabby, isaiah and elijah

Chanda Erselius said...

Super cute! Love the new place and the swatches you are considering for the babies room!