Saturday, June 19, 2010

art that inspires us....

We had dinner with some friends the other night, and conversation came to our church's renovation project. I was initially on the side of being as frugal as possible, caring less about the aesthetics of the building and more about the amount of food we could buy for the hungry with all that money. It's been a hot topic at our church for a while...with the project being delayed and significantly scaled back from original plans. Our friends who had us over for dinner are very talented artists. She paints, he takes photos. I love just staring at their work, and find myself scrolling through his website fairly often. My husband is an artist, my dad taught art...

Our conversation somehow sunk in and stayed with me for the next week and I found art all around me. And I realized how much it makes me come alive. I still feel a strong tension about how millions of dollars should be spent by the church. And there's much more to the debate than this post is really about. But at the very least, I was opened up to a different way of seeing things this week.

Here's some art that inspires me. Praise God for giving his creatures the gift of creativity. May we be moved by it.Jonathan Anderson:

A friend of a friend makes digital art from mathematical equations, it's trippy, but I like this one.

we went to San Onofre last weekend with friends and made silly sand art.