Monday, May 30, 2011

I made a sweater! see?

Clearly it is not for me....and maybe I'm hoping a little baby girl will be needing a sweater this January...if not, we're going to have a pretty lil boy rockin this beauty. Took me about total 16 hours. No joke. First time you do a project is brutal! So much trouble shooting. I'm hoping now that I've learned some things the hard way and re-crocheted about every piece of this sweater 8 times I'll be in a better groove for the next one. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyone at work is pregnant!

I I count down the days until we're telling everyone (still draft blogging ;)) It seems like each new week another woman at work is preggers. Who's going to take care of all the kids at school!!??? They'll just have to fend for themselves I guess. Four of my colleagues are due in November, 1 any day now, and 2 in July, so at least I'll be able to hold down the fort until January or so...I just might call it quits after winter break to be honest...let someone else take over for a bit. :) Even my office mate confessed to me today she wants to get pregnant...but mostly to get out of a crazy caseload and bounce out on maternity leave...also she really wants to for real reasons. :)

Tim's been so sweet. I've had a nasty cold the last 2 1/2 weeks and when I wake up coughing at 3am he goes and makes me a cup of tea and asks me if I need anything...last night he said he was just practicing for when a baby is the one waking us up. Ha! you'll get over that real quick mister. But in the meantime it makes me feel real loved.

There's something in the water...and the air, and the food and the everything.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Baby.

I can't believe I'm JUST getting to "journaling" about this. We've known since, well we suspected, since my birthday...the day our little surprise was made. May 5th a test was negative, May 8th I took another just to be totally sure. Then...on May 14th we got a positive. So at this point, as I write this on May 22nd, I'm already 6 weeks pregnant (confirmed by a blood test at the doc's). He/She is the size of a lentil and is growing ears and a nose and arm and leg buds and is losing his/her tadpole tail right now.

I bolted that same day to get myself some vitamins and some books and have been reading and researching non-stop since! We definitely were not planning on this. We thought we wanted to wait to travel a bit more, let me get my BCBA, hopefully buy a house first....BUT nothing in life is what you expect or plan for exactly. So, we're due January 19th...and we're excited.

For Now, we're calling him/her SqweeJay. It's a silly name Tim came up with a long time ago for his first child someday. Luckily, the name won't stick around after birth...but in the meantime it's a small consolation I'm willing to make to avoid scarring our child for life. :)

So on my to do list:
1. find and move into an affordable 2 bedroom apartment (away from downtown and with parking and on site laundry)
2. OR figure out how to make our 1 bedroom work for the first few months of baby's life and save the extra 600 a month for a portion of daycare!
2. gather up as many hand me downs as we can and figure out what we need to buy
3. decide on a name
4. start swimming at the pool and doing prenatal yoga (already got the yoga goin)
5. tell everyone! (this is just a draft post now...muahahaha I'm so sneaky)
6. buy/borrow some maternity outfits for the fall (I shouldn't be too big for my jeans until late August.)
7. figure out daycare options/nanny options
8. figure out how my whale of a body is going to fit on a plane for Christmas in Oklahoma this yr...(i.e. figure out another plan for Christmas this year)
9. gather up all the wisdom we can about pregnancy, birth, and the first year of parenting from all our friends and family
10. start crocheting some teeny little sweaters for our lil lentil

away we go!