Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyone at work is pregnant!

I I count down the days until we're telling everyone (still draft blogging ;)) It seems like each new week another woman at work is preggers. Who's going to take care of all the kids at school!!??? They'll just have to fend for themselves I guess. Four of my colleagues are due in November, 1 any day now, and 2 in July, so at least I'll be able to hold down the fort until January or so...I just might call it quits after winter break to be honest...let someone else take over for a bit. :) Even my office mate confessed to me today she wants to get pregnant...but mostly to get out of a crazy caseload and bounce out on maternity leave...also she really wants to for real reasons. :)

Tim's been so sweet. I've had a nasty cold the last 2 1/2 weeks and when I wake up coughing at 3am he goes and makes me a cup of tea and asks me if I need anything...last night he said he was just practicing for when a baby is the one waking us up. Ha! you'll get over that real quick mister. But in the meantime it makes me feel real loved.

There's something in the water...and the air, and the food and the everything.

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