Friday, August 3, 2012

Henri's Room

When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I REALLY learned how to sew.  My gramma taught me the basics, but I made a quilt in my home economics class and felt like I had really mastered this skill.  Fast forward to marriage and my husband knew more about the sewing machine than I did.  I sort of fell off the wagon and gave up on getting too crafty.  And then, Henri came into our lives.  I thought I'd have much more time than I do/did.  I had big plans to sew curtains, a crib bumper, pillows, etc. etc.  I got the curtains and covered 1 rocking chair before he came into the world.  And I think I did a pretty good job.  I took my time, used a measuring tape n stuff.  See?

And then, the rocking chair in a panic we received yet another hand me down from the Wilsons.  I somehow managed between short naps to whip together a cover for that one.  It's a bit crooked and I forgot the ties...but it looks ok.

And then, once H was older and I wasn't worried about SIDS as much as his arms and legs getting caught between the crib slats I decided it was time to get to that bumper.  IKEA had one for $15, but I somehow thought we could save money (I'm dumb) by making it myself.  About $50 and 4 hours later I had a saggy, too big bumper with not enough ties. :(  BUT this week I took it off and I fixed it!

I definitely use more of the "just eyeball" it method than patterns or planning.  I just figure it out as I go.  But I think I did a decent job.  And Henri definitely LOVES it. :)

My mom sends us lots of boxes filled with treasures.  One such surprise was this tiny golden (ok, it's brass or something...) owl.  And the radio is a gift from Henri's Aunt Christa.  We had to go buy this shelf to take care of our overflowing book problem, again thanks to the Wilsons!

And then I wanted a little collage wall, so we grabbed some supplies at Michael's (Letter H, treeround, orange paint, chalkboard paint) and an abacus at Vintage Thrift (my new favorite shop on Orange and Wardlow).  Still need to get the photo of an Oklahoman barn printed for the frame....but my mantra has become "one thing at a time".

Another favorite shop is the Feed Store on 4th and Cherry.  They had these fun vintage toys and some old 45's of children's favorite is the Oklahoma Musical album.

We also grabbed some sticks on Henri's first hike in Palos Verdes a while back and made a mobile for him.  Sure beats the $50 I wanted to spend on a bamboo one from etsy.  Yay for making stuff!  

Overall, a success in my book.  Just 7 months after he was born I think I can pretty much be all done.  And I definitely have Henri's stamp of approval. :)
Seattle trip photos to come soon!  Tim has to make them all color corrected n things.  He wouldn't dream of posting blurry photos snapped in a hurry on an IPhone for a quick blog post.  :)