Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daddy's pants

Dear Henri,

I came home from work today and watched your face light up when I came through the door.  You've been at home with a babysitter while I work summer school.  Anyways, you clung to me like your life depended on it so I let you come to our room while I changed from my silk blouse, heels, and pencil skirt into something less horrible.  I tossed you on the bed and you giggled, rolled around and found daddy's jeans.   The next 3 minutes you persisted with, "dad?" "Dad??"  I first thought you were asking for dad...but soon realized you REALLY wanted to wear his pants.  I tried to explain to you that you are less than 2 1/2 feet tall (30 in) and your daddy's waist is 34 inches around...forget about the fact daddy's 6'1"'re shorter than his waistline!  It ended in you crying while I left the room with you in tow to take the sitter home.  Later after the three of us were all home you put on my heels, put a bucket of shapes on your arm like it was a purse and clip clopped around the living room in your diaper, saying "Bye!" repeatedly with a southern belle at least you got to play dress up in mommy's clothes....

I love you crazy,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Henri,

There are so many stories I've failed to document, but I'm just going to start now with this past week.

On Monday I came home from work and daddy told me you did the silliest thing that day.  He said you went to the corner in your room behind your rocking chair and just kept pointing to the corner and laughing.  You've done this before with the cactus in our yard and other random I just laughed at how silly you were.  But later that night all three of us were in your room and you did it again and looked right at me like you we're saying, "remember??".  And it clicked...a few days earlier I found a spider there and used one of your shoes to kill it.  Without explaining to your dad I tested out my theory...I said, "go ahead, get your shoe".  Sure enough, you grabbed a sneaker from your closet and pounded away at an imaginary spider while daddy and I laughed and wondered at the way your amazing little brain works.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013.
You said "mom" "mama" for the first time today.  You've said it before when you were upset but it was always just a part of your cry.  This morning you came in to see me right after daddy got you up, and you reached up for me to hold you and said, "mom? Mama!"  I melted and squealed and scooped you up with a thousand kisses.  Shortly after we tested you again and you went back to your old ways....if we ask "where's mom?", you point to me.  "Where's dad?" You point to dad...but if we say "who's that?", daddy is "dad" and so am I. :)