Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daddy's pants

Dear Henri,

I came home from work today and watched your face light up when I came through the door.  You've been at home with a babysitter while I work summer school.  Anyways, you clung to me like your life depended on it so I let you come to our room while I changed from my silk blouse, heels, and pencil skirt into something less horrible.  I tossed you on the bed and you giggled, rolled around and found daddy's jeans.   The next 3 minutes you persisted with, "dad?" "Dad??"  I first thought you were asking for dad...but soon realized you REALLY wanted to wear his pants.  I tried to explain to you that you are less than 2 1/2 feet tall (30 in) and your daddy's waist is 34 inches around...forget about the fact daddy's 6'1"'re shorter than his waistline!  It ended in you crying while I left the room with you in tow to take the sitter home.  Later after the three of us were all home you put on my heels, put a bucket of shapes on your arm like it was a purse and clip clopped around the living room in your diaper, saying "Bye!" repeatedly with a southern belle at least you got to play dress up in mommy's clothes....

I love you crazy,


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