Monday, February 25, 2008

sodoku take two

i got to hillcrest about 4 minutes late today...walked into a room full of anxiously awaiting smiles. it was the best feeling. i hear a million thank you's, and we laugh and have a good time...but it was such a tangible reminder to me that it matters to them. we played sodoku for reals...and i'm excited for a new series of games--movie trivia crosswords starting on friday. favorite movies in the group include grease, rain man, forest gump (oh geeze), and i spy. p.s. if anyone out in internet land has great ideas for fun games that somehow use memory throw a comment out.

sometimes i think i exhaust myself by trying to be profound. life is just beautiful. i ran at sunset tonight. i played a softball game with friends (we won). i'm going to drink hot chocolate as i walk to the video store. i had a hilarious conversation with my roommate about how he's practicing spanish by watching thunder cats in spanish (gatos de cosmos!!...imagine this being sung/yelled by a 6'4" giant man in plaid). I wished my grandma a happy birthday and talked about the beautiful weather with a friendly clerk at trader joes. Nothin fancy...nothing profound at first glance...just beautiful life.

Thanks God.

Friday, February 22, 2008

sodoku gone wrong.

awesome day today. I've been doing new things lately, but we came back to sodoku today for Ron's sake. it's one of the games he really loves...i put it all up on the wall and had my markers ready...and soon realized i'd forgotten to write down some of the #s we needed to start with...which means there's really no way to solve it apart from guessing or sheer genius. I am not a genius, so after a long but fun 40 minutes of playing seriously we moved to a speed sodoku round of guessing and yelling and scribbled letters and laughing. i was exhausted after 4 minutes...and we didn't guess i just collapsed on the ground laughing at our failed mess of blue and green numbers and lines on the wall...and it was great.

I've been overwhelmed with gratitude lately. and flooded with a sense of abundance in my life in relationships, joy, beauty, and daily provision. at hillcrest, work, home, church, and in solitude.

the Lord is my shepherd. I lack nothing.