Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daddy's pants

Dear Henri,

I came home from work today and watched your face light up when I came through the door.  You've been at home with a babysitter while I work summer school.  Anyways, you clung to me like your life depended on it so I let you come to our room while I changed from my silk blouse, heels, and pencil skirt into something less horrible.  I tossed you on the bed and you giggled, rolled around and found daddy's jeans.   The next 3 minutes you persisted with, "dad?" "Dad??"  I first thought you were asking for dad...but soon realized you REALLY wanted to wear his pants.  I tried to explain to you that you are less than 2 1/2 feet tall (30 in) and your daddy's waist is 34 inches around...forget about the fact daddy's 6'1"'re shorter than his waistline!  It ended in you crying while I left the room with you in tow to take the sitter home.  Later after the three of us were all home you put on my heels, put a bucket of shapes on your arm like it was a purse and clip clopped around the living room in your diaper, saying "Bye!" repeatedly with a southern belle at least you got to play dress up in mommy's clothes....

I love you crazy,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Henri,

There are so many stories I've failed to document, but I'm just going to start now with this past week.

On Monday I came home from work and daddy told me you did the silliest thing that day.  He said you went to the corner in your room behind your rocking chair and just kept pointing to the corner and laughing.  You've done this before with the cactus in our yard and other random I just laughed at how silly you were.  But later that night all three of us were in your room and you did it again and looked right at me like you we're saying, "remember??".  And it clicked...a few days earlier I found a spider there and used one of your shoes to kill it.  Without explaining to your dad I tested out my theory...I said, "go ahead, get your shoe".  Sure enough, you grabbed a sneaker from your closet and pounded away at an imaginary spider while daddy and I laughed and wondered at the way your amazing little brain works.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013.
You said "mom" "mama" for the first time today.  You've said it before when you were upset but it was always just a part of your cry.  This morning you came in to see me right after daddy got you up, and you reached up for me to hold you and said, "mom? Mama!"  I melted and squealed and scooped you up with a thousand kisses.  Shortly after we tested you again and you went back to your old ways....if we ask "where's mom?", you point to me.  "Where's dad?" You point to dad...but if we say "who's that?", daddy is "dad" and so am I. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sick Babe

There are so many things to tell you all (whoever you are :) about...
Amazing trips to Seattle and Oklahoma this past summer.  The fact that Henri is now saying "Dadda" and "Mama" and has discovered the art of clapping his hands and STANDING! (while holding furniture).  His graduation to be free in the bathtub without a smaller tub keeping him captive.  His new daycare, which we love, and his Wednesday family, who we love even more!  SOOOO many wonderful and beautiful things...which may come in a backdated post sometime down the road....

But today, the only thing on my mind is my poor sick baby.  I'm confident this is ear infection number 6.  I'm watching the clock until I can call his pediatrician to get him in today.  I'm grateful for a boss who is so supportive and never makes me feel bad about being home when I need to be.  The hardest part about this round is that he has so many more miserable symptoms.  Ear infections 1-5 nearly sneaked right past us since Henri just smiles his way through life regardless of what's happening.  It's turned me into a paranoid mommy, but I haven't made a trip to the Dr. with him yet that didn't end in another round of antibiotics.  We saw an ENT about a week and a half ago and he recommended tubes.  I wanted a second opinion to be sure and that's scheduled for next Tuesday.  But after seeing the pain he was in last night and today, Tim and I are ready to go ahead with the surgery.  It's horrible feeling so helpless.  I just want to do something to take away his pain and make it all go away....


Friday, August 3, 2012

Henri's Room

When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I REALLY learned how to sew.  My gramma taught me the basics, but I made a quilt in my home economics class and felt like I had really mastered this skill.  Fast forward to marriage and my husband knew more about the sewing machine than I did.  I sort of fell off the wagon and gave up on getting too crafty.  And then, Henri came into our lives.  I thought I'd have much more time than I do/did.  I had big plans to sew curtains, a crib bumper, pillows, etc. etc.  I got the curtains and covered 1 rocking chair before he came into the world.  And I think I did a pretty good job.  I took my time, used a measuring tape n stuff.  See?

And then, the rocking chair in a panic we received yet another hand me down from the Wilsons.  I somehow managed between short naps to whip together a cover for that one.  It's a bit crooked and I forgot the ties...but it looks ok.

And then, once H was older and I wasn't worried about SIDS as much as his arms and legs getting caught between the crib slats I decided it was time to get to that bumper.  IKEA had one for $15, but I somehow thought we could save money (I'm dumb) by making it myself.  About $50 and 4 hours later I had a saggy, too big bumper with not enough ties. :(  BUT this week I took it off and I fixed it!

I definitely use more of the "just eyeball" it method than patterns or planning.  I just figure it out as I go.  But I think I did a decent job.  And Henri definitely LOVES it. :)

My mom sends us lots of boxes filled with treasures.  One such surprise was this tiny golden (ok, it's brass or something...) owl.  And the radio is a gift from Henri's Aunt Christa.  We had to go buy this shelf to take care of our overflowing book problem, again thanks to the Wilsons!

And then I wanted a little collage wall, so we grabbed some supplies at Michael's (Letter H, treeround, orange paint, chalkboard paint) and an abacus at Vintage Thrift (my new favorite shop on Orange and Wardlow).  Still need to get the photo of an Oklahoman barn printed for the frame....but my mantra has become "one thing at a time".

Another favorite shop is the Feed Store on 4th and Cherry.  They had these fun vintage toys and some old 45's of children's favorite is the Oklahoma Musical album.

We also grabbed some sticks on Henri's first hike in Palos Verdes a while back and made a mobile for him.  Sure beats the $50 I wanted to spend on a bamboo one from etsy.  Yay for making stuff!  

Overall, a success in my book.  Just 7 months after he was born I think I can pretty much be all done.  And I definitely have Henri's stamp of approval. :)
Seattle trip photos to come soon!  Tim has to make them all color corrected n things.  He wouldn't dream of posting blurry photos snapped in a hurry on an IPhone for a quick blog post.  :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm home sick today, which gives me lots of time for reflection and a slower pace.  I actually woke up to an empty house!  Once I confirmed with Tim that he knew exactly where Henri was :) I gave into my body's pleas to just rest.

Resting to me = doing chores and work at a slower than usual pace, as I was putting away a bowl next to the pitcher we use as a vase I thought for the 30th time, we need a vase.  And I laughed about how my very very Nazarene mother ruined our wine decanter because she used it as a vase.  And then my heart was grateful as I remembered the bouquet of flowers that welcomed us when we brought Henri home from the hospital.  My mom flew out mid-labor from Oklahoma and made it in time to see Henri's birth.  While we were still at the hospital and in the week that she stayed with us she blew us away with her generous and giving heart.  No surprise to me having been raised by this amazing woman, but still overwhelmed with gratitude.  The laundry, the dishes, new clothes small enough to fit Henri, nursing (ahem) intimates for me (that stuff's not cheap!), never mind the cost of her plane ride were all taken care of quietly and lovingly.  My sister did the same thing, at 6 months pregnant.  And her wonderful husband Joe was Mr. Mom to their almost 2 year old while she was here.

We flew to OKC in February so great gramma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins could all meet Henri. 

Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, money has been extremely tight for us since Henri entered the world.  I remember when we asked our life insurance guy what sort of additional expenses we should anticipate.  He said "none really".  HA!  maybe if you make 6 figures and your wife gets to stay home!!  What we've quickly realized is, daycare is a second rent payment!  Literally.  Add the new car payment since the pathfinder died (at least the civic's paid for), and the 5% in health insurance we now pay since the district's in a budget crisis (not complaining, it's still a great deal)....our expenses have gone up.  a lot.

SO, we've had to utter the very difficult words over and over to my family in Oklahoma that we just can't afford to come again until Christmas.  Which sucks.  A lot.  We haven't met our new niece, Eve, yet.  Henri's growing so fast and I want to share these moments with them...and face time just isn't enough.

And then, they all decided to pitch in and fly us out.  Originally the plan was just me and Henri.  But we got a text the day we were finalizing the plans saying, "pack your bags!  the three of you are coming to OKC!"   So this August we'll be braving the Oklahoma heat and spending lots of time watching babies coo and crawl.  I plan to smother Elle and Eve with kisses and hugs and let Henri get to know his amazing family.

I can't wait...and I'm so grateful for my family's generosity and love.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Happy Henri

Remember when I said Henri wakes up happy??  Well, lest you think I'm a big fat is proof!!  This morning we heard him talking to himself around 7:15am and went into his room to witness this little Henri Houdini magic trick. 

We all had a great laugh about it. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

A mother's obsession...

You may not believe this, but guess what I do when I'm home on a Saturday or a holiday after putting Henri down for a nap...

Of course I do laundry, dishes, brush my teeth...all the normal things that are much easier to rush through once he's asleep....but then...

I end up on the computer looking at pictures and videos of Henri.  Last night at 6:30, after he was all snuggled into bed, Tim and I sat out in the backyard drinking cocktails and watching videos of Henri on our phones.  It's just that every little thing he does is amazing!!!  He smiles!  He says "ahhhAA"!  He tries to get all of his toys into his mouth.  He figured out how to move the teeter tottering pandas on his exersaucer.  He loves to "stand".  He can scoot around with his face buried into the ground while kicking his feet.  Gone are the days of "eat, sleep, poop".  This little boy is a world full of tricks and I just don't want to miss a minute!  Saturday he found his feet!  I was overjoyed!  I don't know why...but I've always thought that babies playing with their own feet is pretty much the cutest thing that ever was.

We've gone on a hike, hit up a museum, walked at the beach, went to a lacrosse game, and have played quite a few games of ladder ball and horseshoes with friends...

It's nice to finally  be at a point where our life, doing the things that make us come alive, still happens and Henri's with us...versus our life being on hold while we figure out Henri's naps, feedings, and other various needs.  We're even planning (tentatively) a camping trip in October with some friends.  Any tips on camping with an 8 month old are welcome!! :)

We're learning that we are so blessed with a very happy little boy.  He cries when he needs something...but otherwise he loves his bath, is starting to enjoy books and is reaching out for the pages, goes to sleep easily, and wakes up happy with a huge toothless grin plastered across his face the minute he sees us.  He's even content to chill on his own with some toys for 10 minutes or so at a time.

He's also extremely social and recently had a few days of trying out a new trick.  As soon as he realized he had been laid down in his crib one night he woke up fussing.  I had put him to sleep so Tim volunteered to go see what was up...after 5 minutes of relentless crying Tim came into the living room with Henri in his arms.  Suddenly, he was just fine...not a tear to be found in his eyes.  We knowingly laughed at this sweet boy's manipulative ways and Tim headed back towards his room.  As soon as he turned towards the hall Henri let out his cries of protest.  :)  2 days of leaning down to him in his crib and helping him back to sleep (without picking him up!) we are back to the days of easy sleep. :)  He's so SMART!!

He also got his first haircut!!!  Everyone kept telling us his golden locks would fall out...but alas they just grew and grew.  Tim played barber while I distracted Henri.  To be honest he didn't need any distraction at all, he loved it!  and he is even more handsome than before (at least we think so).

I'd post something else...but really...that's what life is for us these days.  And it is so sweet and wonderful...I want to freeze time and live in this place forever.  But, as I walked along the boardwalk at Bolsa Chica this morning with Henri and Norman and we watched the surfers and saw kids playing frisbie and flying kites I realized so completely that there is so much adventure and joy ahead of us yet.