Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Alone...

Welp, I just dropped Tim off at the airport for his week away for work up at headquarters in Cupertino. Of course, I miss him already and am not quite sure what to do with myself this Sunday morning. Which is super silly because there are several times when he has had to work on a Sunday or a Saturday and I had more to do than I could dream of getting done! I think just knowing that the person your life has become one with is so far away for so long makes you feel a little less like yourself.

BUT! I have resolved to be productive and active and enjoy this week as much as I can while I miss him. I plan to....
1. Order fabric for the baby's room crafts (pillows, curtains, crib bumper, rocking chair covers, changing pad cover)
2. Wrap up the last section of my thesis and send off to my chair.
3. Take norm to the vet to get him on some meds that may or may not have a side effect of "death". We've been holding out and keeping him on a special diet of chicken stew (I had to call my mom to remember how to cook a chicken!) and yogurt...but we're gonna break down and give him drugs if he doesn't get better. :(
4. make a few christmas presents with my crochet hook
5. read lots
6. practice my violin and guitar
7. take no-man (as baby aubrey calls him) on walks to the park
8. try to muster up the energy to cook myself some actual meals...I don't like cooking for 1.
9. figure out the swim hours at cal state's new fitness facility...if i'm gonna pay for 3 more semesters to get lil squeej into the CDC I might as well take advantage of the perks right?
10. face time with the handsome man I love.

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