Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've been off work since the 23rd. and if our little man is right on time, I wont go back until early March...It's so WEirD! Luckily I've had lots of holidays, crafts, and projects to fill my time with. The hardest part is just being home alone...watching my belly bounce around and wondering if that tinge of pain was a contraction...nope, just a stomach cramp from drinking lots of water. Or THAT one...nope, probably just had a lil fist stuck in my pelvic bone or something. At least Norman is a snuggle bunny who stays close to me all day long. :) He's kept me motivated to walk almost every day to hopefully move things along for an early delivery! I'm suddenly very aware as of last week that I have to push this kid out. It's been really fun being pregnant and growing and feeling so much love from everyone around me. But being pregnant has to end...and it has to end with some (0r a lot!) of pain...so I hear...But I also know that it will be completely worth it once we hold our son for the first time and see his handsome face.

So to fill my time, today will be a cleaning and organizing day since I've got the high chair pad finished, rocking chair covered, and curtains all done! yey! Tim's grandma's chair has actually been inherited by Christa, but she's graciously loaning it to us for a while. here's some before n after action. I'll post more pics of his room once I've got it all set n ready. :)

Maybe I'll make a pillow if I've got some extra energy after cleaning and steaming the wrinkled curtains we hung to replace those wretched vertical blinds we had. Who ever invented those horrible things?! Tempted to go rent a steam cleaner for the carpets before my mom visits...but then making Tim to the work part. :)

Just a few more things to get...more burp cloths, infant insert for the ergo carrier, extra changing pad covers and waterproof pads...this n that. Then time to research where he'll go for childcare for April, May and June. I wish I had family close...but I know it will all work out.

Time to close the computer and get busy! :)

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