Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shower in Long Beach

My amazing college girlfriends threw me another shower here in Long Beach. Kristin and Morgan planned from afar (Seattle and West Hollywood respectively) along with the amazing Debbie Namain, who opened her home to 17 or so of my favorite women here in Cali.

We had fun with the giant chalkboard Debbies kids use to express their creative selves, played some super original games, and ate some AMAZING food. My favorite game was one where all the guests wrote down answers to questions and I had to guess who wrote the answer. Some examples:
Q: What is one thing the baby will do that will terrify Chelle?
A: "Eat meat while shooting guns."

Q: What is one thing Tim will do that will annoy Chelle?
A: "Film the baby's temper-tantrums instead of helping out"
A: "Only buy squeejay white V-necks"

Q: What is something baby Squeejay will do that will make Chelle proud?
A: "Plant his first plant/garden"
A: "love others well. be generous. recycle."

Here are some photos of the day. It was awesome.

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