Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"I fell down"

When you have a giant, blue, fiberglass arm people ask you the same question. Strangers and friends alike want to know "what happened?". As much as my creativity could have run rampant here, my tired and lazy response over the past month was "I fell down". If you were a close friend you heard the long story, but basically, I did just that. I fell down and broke an elbow. My ulna to be exact. And thus, for a month, I was forced to "be gentle to myself" as the dear Mrs. Prouty put it.
Soooo, I read a great book compliments of a pastor/friends recommendation Surrender to Love. I clumsily and slowly knit nothing bigger than a coaster, but managed to crochet a few hats for some beloved children and family (you only need one hand to crochet!). I politely asked my loving husband to do the dishes each and every day after he cooked almost every meal for me (such a wonderful man). and I learned how to put my contacts in with one hand all by myself when I had limitless hours to get ready in the morning. I was definitely forced, despite my hard work ethic and general inability to just sit, to be gentle to myself. It was nice.

Here's a pic of the day I got the cast on. It was actually on the day of our 2 yr anniversary from our first official date. So, since the doc was in LA, we went back to the same restaurant from Dec. 10, 2008, Toi: rock and roll thai food. So yummy.

I'm back to work on Monday, full force. sort of. Thanks to everyone who's kept me company in the meantime and gone on "hikes" (walks) and helped me do laundry! :) I promise to do my best not to fall down and break any more bones. Or at least have a better story next time.


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