Saturday, August 14, 2010

Off the Grid...or on our way

Tim and I talk all the time about someday living off the grid. Solar energy, grow our own food, recycle grey water for watering the garden, raise 2 goats for cheese and milk, get some chickens for eggs, bike everywhere we can....
He was talking about it again last night and I found myself wondering, is this possible in an urban area? I've seen/been a part of really great attempts or steps towards it.

But I found myself thinking, we've got to move to the an open space of land, like the central coast, or washington, or canada.And then my heart drops at the thought of leaving our friends, our church. AND both of our jobs require us to be in the city to an extent. And we love our jobs. SO, we've got to find a happy medium.

For those of you asking, WHY? The reasons are endless. Environmentally: using electricity and water from reserves and non-sustainable sources just isn't going to last. If we have solar power and electric cars, we could also reduce our carbon footprint there. Health reasons: in addition to the healthy nutrients in all vegetables, home grown veggies are uncontaminated by hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modifications. Also the hard work a garden requires gets you out in the sun for your Vit D and it gets your body working. Also, riding a bike is not only exercise but really really fun.
Politically: our government has it's hands so deep in our lives is ridiculous, and when it all comes down to it, money is the driving force. Won't even mention oil. Did you know that when you buy seeds to grow food, you can save the seeds from the tomato you grew and plant again the next year. And this is the way the human race has survived for centuries. But now, Monsanto and the US government has worked very hard to patent those seeds. Seed saving is a crime! It's absolutely ridiculous. Go watch Food Inc.

For me, this lifestyle brings me to life. It brings me closer to God. It makes me more fully human.

Someday we'll have a goat named "Bacon" (that's if Tim has his way). In the meantime, we've grown a pretty killer garden. I can't wait to eat that giant yellow squash tonight with dinner. :)

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