Friday, November 21, 2008

the colonel, denzel, and anita.

about a week or so ago allison and sarah and i had an incredible night. we sat on the stoop talking for an hour about our hearts and souls and there was healing and growth in that time as we all sat bundled in blankets....that moved into the living room for a dance party to noah and the whale that just can't be described as anything but freeing. and from this whole evening came two truths for me to recite every morning as i begin the day. One is that I will see the image of God in everyone I meet today. it's truly transformed how i treat people...and it's not a new idea...but it feels like it.
So with that intention I go to Hillcrest yesterday morning and discover it's Ron's birthday! 61 years! we sang to him and i quickly adapted the content of the activity to revolve around his was a blast. Sadly, Anita's nurse never wakes her up and gets her ready in time for group these days. :( but occasionally i get a glimpse of her in the hallway and we have a short visit before i jet off to i see her today and ask her how she's doing. Now it's important to know that we often go on "camping" trips together where everyone gets to bring one thing and we go in the circle and try to remember every item...and anita ALWAYS brings her man, denzel washington, and somehow someone ALWAYS manages to bring kentucky fried chicken along. ???? i love it.
so anyways, the conversation goes as follows:
me: hey! how you doin anita??
anita: i'm doin good, just got my shower, ready for the day. think i'll go campin (with a sparkle in her eye....her good eye. :))
me: oh yeah??? what are you gonna bring?
anita: denzel of course.
me: how bout a bucket of KFC??
anita: oh you know i'm finger lickin good!

freakin made my day.

take care friends.


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Keith said...

i think you know what to get Anita for Christmas. John Q, Remember the Titans, and a bucket of the Red, White and Greasy stuff.