Tuesday, September 4, 2007

living for the sake of next week's blog material?

The fellowship's over. My obligation to these non profits is over...but praise God I've built relationships at Hillcrest and COA that will continue. But with the ending of the fellowship, I still have this blog...once a tool to inform my community about the work being done in their city through their church...now, my fear is that this is just another myspace. but instead of pretty pictures of myself and lists of attractive qualities and songs and movies that somehow create a profile of me to advertise to the world (insert sarcasm)...instead...I have stories. God please do not let the things shared here be a form of advertisement for myself. I pray that I would not use the people whose lives are unknowingly shared here as tools toward building my reputation or prestige. Keep me honest and humble Lord. Use the things shared here for greater purposes than my limited mind can even conceive. In all actions, all things I say, all things I think, let me first ask "does this bring love into the world?" "does my response to this person, my sharing of this story, or even my random thoughts create a community of love?" where friends, family and those reading this are spurred toward a life after Christ. I pray that they might join me in prayer, that they might share in the suffering that exists in this city, that we might all become more like you. and I thank you that that is a journey we are called to walk through together in love.


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