Friday, February 24, 2012


Tim and I are fortunate enough to be out on leave right now at the same time...and we were last week...and will be next week too.
Last week we were in Oklahoma visiting my family. My grandma, Henri's Mor Mor (Norwegian for Great Gramma), and my Dad had yet to meet him. I came into the room after one nap they had taken together and she told me, "We had a nice long talk...I told him all about the world". It makes me so happy that we were able to be there if only for 5 short days.

Henri was a champ on the plane ride. He only fussed a bit on the last leg right before take off...but let's be honest, who isn't cranky after a full day of flying on a cramped plane with beeps and lights and teeny bathrooms making you all stressed out?

We're pretty much back on our normal schedule now that we're home. Tim takes over after I go back to work on the we're getting him used to taking a bottle once a day and I'm doing my best to pump on a regular basis so he'll have plenty of food while I'm gone during the day. Lately I just want to hold him all day even more than before. I feel selfish a bit...Tim will ask if I want him to take him so I can eat...or just have a break, and I tell him no...I want to hold him. I'm getting all the cuddling in I possibly can before he's all grown up and telling me to stop being a mushy girl.

Off to sleep...

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