Thursday, April 14, 2011


I like writing out my goals. A good friend in college used to always ask me what my goals were and it threw me off guard at first. I was more concerned with the here and now...but then I realized, that way of thinking/living can be so stagnant unless you have someone in your life pulling you forward. So since then, I try to write out my goals. Tim and I did this together last weekend. Here are just a few from the list of things we hope to accomplish before the end of 2011.

Both of us:
1. Start composting again
2. Add 3 more planter boxes with food to the rooftop garden
3. Make all of our Christmas presents
4. Summit 1 14er
5. Ride bikes to church more often (this will be easier now that its spring time)

1. Build adirondack chairs
2. Get a passport
3-7 or so are business related stuff for FlickerFilms

1. Read 1 book a month
2. Finish my thesis!!!!!!!!
3. Enroll for my BCBA
4. Play Handel's concertos for violin well
5. learn photo basics (Tim likes this one especially)
6. relearn guitar cords and 1 song
7. brew kombucha
8. surf a lot this summer
9. be able to do the splits. :)

Here's to living well!

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