Thursday, February 24, 2011

being sick=slow down

So I've got this awesome track record of getting sick on 3 day weekends since I started this new school job. Fortunately?? this time I'm sick into the I've got some time off of work instead of just no weekend. Unfortunately, no one does my work while I'm just grows and waits for me. So my fabulous husband drove me to my office this morning, as my head was too much of a balloon to trust my driving skills, and I got my laptop and a pile of files and I'm workin from home. Right now I'm on a break. :)

In other, much more serious news, I miss my family so much right now. My gramma just underwent a heart procedure and has encountered a few complications along the way. She's stable now and called this morning to update me, but I hate being 2 thousand miles from her at times like this. My niece is growing up faster than I can imagine and I'm missing all the important things like first steps and first words. Basically, I wish we all lived closer. This isn't a new dilemma or an easy one. But Tim and I have started thinking about options. Until now we've just vowed to make a large financial commitment to see them a few times every year. That alone isn't easy, but allows us to remain in our church/friend community here in Long Beach and keep our jobs, which we both love. But we also wonder if waiting is just postponing the inevitable...

No easy decisions to make. We'll keep praying for wisdom for now.

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Chanda Erselius said...

Bummer to hear you are sick and missing family. I totally appreciate your processing and hear it echoing many of the conversations that float around our house. I pray for wisdom and guidance for you and Tim and a calming of the heart through the process.