Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Big Update

It's been just a little while, so I thought I'd catch some people up...
First and most exciting...Tim and I are engaged!!  He proposed on top of Mt. Zion near Pasadena on August 1st.  It was the first place we'd ever hiked together last November.  We were conveniently alone on that first hike, but still just friends then.  This time there was a surprise waiting for me at the can read the full story soon on our webpage that is yet to be created.  :)  For now we're enjoying all the fun things that come with being engaged and waiting patiently for April to come.  we currently make bets on a weekly basis with the stakes being how we will be announced on the wedding day.  When I win, we will be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Chelle Stephens.  or Tim and Chelle Neilsen in the unlikely event that he wins.  I've lost twice so far...

In other news...I'm still working for ACES and feel very confident and happy there.  I'll probably be there for a few years while Tim finishes up school for Media Productions.  He's shot some really beautiful weddings lately and created a promotional documentary of the Colorado Lagoon's Art Walk a few months ago.  I've watched each video multiple times and continue to be shocked and impressed at his talent and creativity!

We recently went home to Oklahoma for the weekend and saw all kinds of fun farm animals, listened to old records with Dad, rock climbed at my favorite spot, and spent some great time with family and friends.  and found out that I'm going to be an auntie soon!!!!  I'm still working on Christi to let me dress up baby Earley and stroll it down the isle in a wagon. :)  Mom and Gramma are beaming and dusting off their rocking chair that they restored years ago in anticipation. :)

Life is very very good, and I'm so grateful for so much.  I'm also reading a wonderful book, To Heal a Broken World by Rabbi Sacks.  It's inspiring and challenging.  and that is what I crave in life.  you should read it.  you'll become a better person for it. :)

that's about it...more pictures are on Tim's facebook if you want to see our seattle trip or a picture of an Oklahoman buffalo. :)

take care friends.

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